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Wedding Planner Bodalla NSW




My name is Charley, certified mother to two beautiful little girls and a hyperactive Belgian Malinois. I am originally from England, born and bred a Yorkshire lass but I moved to Australia back in 2017 where I met my amazing fiancé and made a life for myself. I could go on and on about my life and where I grew up, but this isn’t about me. This is about you, your day your dreams, and your way.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and getting my hands dirty. Of course, organising and planning everything is just the cherry on top.  Weddings have always been this fairy tale dream that you hear about and see in movies but working in this industry and seeing the pure love and excitement that goes into the day makes it that much more enjoyable. Planning your wedding is a passion and my dream, helping you to create the most magical day without a hitch.

My job is to make your day stress free; it is to take the weight off your shoulders so you can sit back, relax and drink as much champagne as humanly possible. Let your hair down, undo that tie and give me a call. I promise you won’t regret it.

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