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  • Charley Ashe

Wedding Trends 2023, what to look forward to

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

2023 Wedding Trends in Australia

With 2022 behind us it's time to ring in 2023 and take a look at the emerging wedding trends.

Post-pandemic many couples are excited to make this their year and they are searching for new ideas to incorporate into their weddings.

When I was researching trends for 2023 it is interesting the 80s are making a comeback.

80's Inspired Weddings

Princess Diana was the epitome of 80’s brides, fuller-shaped puff sleeves, big bows, and dramatic detailing.

The vintage styles such as the Bridgeton-inspired elegance and the Victorian prim and proper style combined with the edgy steampunk look is having its day.

There is a lot you can do to bring the 80s style into your wedding.

Consider the fashion, if this is not your style, look at how to incorporate the 80’s styles into wedding cakes and your wedding decor o,r embrace the 80s with vintage cars and alternative style wedding transport.

Personalised Wedding Style Ideas

Instead of an all-out traditional white wedding, we will see bursts of colour whether that be in the dresses or the decorations.

Bright florals and mismatched bridesmaid dresses are trending with Magenta being Pantone’s choice of colour for 2023.

We will see Wednesday-inspired looks for those who don’t like bright colours, so dark reds, blacks, moody greys, evocative of goth glam.

Dresses with fuller skirts and thigh-high slits, rebellious retro-inspired mini dresses, pearls decorating necks such tight-fitting chokers, elbow-length long gloves or just touching the wrist.

If wearing a wedding dress doesn’t appeal to you, consider jumpsuits, 2 pieces, and pantsuits.

In 2022 we saw men becoming part of the bridal party or being the flower boy throwing petals which have been brilliant and fun.

2023 Wedding Decoration Ideas for your Ceremony and Reception

Let’s stamp your personality on your wedding day!

Your ceremony and reception decked out is a way of showing your guests, friends, and family what your personalities are like.

Be on the lookout for creative floral installations; think bold wedding aisle markers, and bright flowers on either side.

Use different shapes and sizes of flowers and decorations, mix up your wedding table arrangements with wild and whimsical extravaganzas, and use mixed materials to give each table a unique finish a different texture.

Keeping your Wedding Sustainable Tips

Sustainable weddings are big in 2023 and here are some tips for you to consider.

Reuse your ceremony flowers for the table decorations. If you have created some beautiful aisle arrangements, have them designed so they can be moved to the tables after your wedding ceremony.

Buy locally grown wedding flowers and consider passing your flowers onto another wedding or have them sent to a local hospital or old people’s home, speak with your florist to see if this is doable.

Use paperless post to save time, waste, and expenses.

If you do wish to post formal wedding invitations, look at recycled paper and ask your wedding stationery designer what the options are.

Use decorations that guests could potentially take home with them to repurpose in their own homes such as plants.

Regardless of trends think about what you want, not what you think your guests would like.

If you want the traditional white wedding then have it, if you want something bolder and more extravagant do it!

Or if you just want to go down to the civil court and get married, do it. This is a day for you and your partner.

If you would love to start planning your wedding here on the south coast of Australia get in touch.


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